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vendredi 9 juin 2006

That's not fair ;(

Why You correct this serwer ;( Aghhhhh ;(

lundi 5 juin 2006

Natural disasters

1) What is a volcano? 2) Where from is the name Volcano taken? 3) What does the Volcano consist? 4) What is the shape on the vent of the cone? 5) Is the cone formed only by the molten matter? 6) What is the name of the study of volcanoes? 7)What is the example of a composite cone? 8)Where the solid materials fall in the eruptions? 9) What intereting is on the top of long dormant or extinct volcanoes? 10) Do you know any example of craterlike basins called calderas? 11) What is the most famous volcano on the earyh? 12) What is the biggest volcano on the earth? 13) What is the most dangerous volcano on the earth? 14) Which volcano killed the biggest number of people in the history? 15) When the volcune cone can callaps?

< Żaneta H. i Magda H.>

Natural Disasters

1.How many people population lived under active volcanoes?

2.How many tones rocks tsunami waves can hitt?

3.When has flooding caused more than 30 deaths in Britain?

4.What hapend when two tectonic plates collide?

5.What happen in 1989?

6.How tornadoes happen?

7.When magma stoped?

8.Who is devastating Jamaica?

9.How many people died in 1988 in Jamaika?

10.How floods happen?

11.What is tsunami?

12.How many layers have Earth?

13.When was the deadliest tornado in history tears through Bangladesh?

14.How called the hurricane who hits the caribbean and Eastern U.S. ??(It's hapend in 1979 and 2,000 people died.)

15.What's hapennd when the tectonic plates collide?

Angela & Karolina


1.what's the global warming? 2. How average temperature inscrease on the world between 1990-2100? 3.What's causes glabal warming? 4.What are effects global warming? 5.How descreased Arctic Archipelag in eastern Canada between 1969 and 2004? 6.What's Green house effect? 7.How ehange climat due to global warm? 8.What observe scientist in 1950 and where of concern? 9.What expect scientists inspect on the up to 2100? 10.How modify in atmospheric Carbondioxide ond global temperature during last 6500000years.? 11.What harebeenpraposed to explain the obserwation in rease in global teperature and was including? 12.Where mode increase temperature on the world? 13.Where least increase temperature on the world? 14. How many temperatures grow between 1860-2000 year? 15.What is relationship to ozone depletion?

Marcin& Sebastian


1: Where is place where people put down radioactive garbage? a) Soulana b) Cramtown c) Hilltown 2: Why they do not want enter modification food? a)It is dangerous b)It is expensive c)It is not natural 3: Why they do not want get out with toxic things? a)It is stupid b) It is dangerous for world c) They want do sth for people 4: What they think abaut globel warming? a) Nothing b) Stop with CO2 c) Replace with new technology 5: What is i information which they send to customers? a) Do not eat modificated food b)Take a head c)look after animals

Natural Disasters

1. What kind of disasters do you know?
2. What do you know about Tornadoes?
3. How Tornadoes are formed?
4. Is any Classification of Tornadoues?
5. What are the names of the bigest volcanoes?
6. What are the types of eruptions?
7. "Tsunami" what's that name mean?
8. What weather or situation create a Tsunami Wave?
9. What is the most common type of storm?
10. How we can protect our life from lighting?
11. What kind of Waves do we know??
12. When were the worst huricanes in United States?
13. What is the speed of huricane wind?
14. What kind of the most destructive element of huricanes do you know?
15. What we can do to save our lifes when huricane destroy our city or hous?

dimanche 4 juin 2006

Natural disasters

1.What are 12 most dangerous natural disasters?

2.How many Americans dies each year in fire?

3.What is important to protect yourself before fire?

4.What is the seismic sea waves?

5.What is important after the tsunami?

6.How many peoples in USA each year are killed by lightning?

7.What you have to do when is a thunderstorm and you are on open wather?

8.What is a extreme heat?

9.What you hawe to wear when is a extreme cold?

10.What is a winter storm?

11.What you have to do after the debris flow or Landslide?

12.What is the plan to evacuate from hurricane?

13.What you should to do before a flood?

14.What evacuate tips you have to remember when you leave your home when is a flood?

15.What is a heat index?

Endengered species

                                                Endengered species


1) What is endengered species 2) What laws ofering in connetion with protecting animals in many countres? 3) What are results for speciec extinction? 4) What??s the best known worldwide conservation status listing ? 5) How many endengered mamals are? 6) When the IUCN Red List have been created ? 7) How many endengered birds are? 8) Is Green Sea Turtle endengered reptiles ? 9) What are two endengered crustaceans name? 10) Where do King of the Paphs Orchid come from? 11) Why some endangered species laws are controversial? 12) How many endengered amphibians ? 13) How many american bison was killed in 1890? 14) What are two endengered crustaceans name? 15) What is one endengered mollusks name ?

By Agnieszka Smole? and Aurelia Szweda