1.How many people population lived under active volcanoes?

2.How many tones rocks tsunami waves can hitt?

3.When has flooding caused more than 30 deaths in Britain?

4.What hapend when two tectonic plates collide?

5.What happen in 1989?

6.How tornadoes happen?

7.When magma stoped?

8.Who is devastating Jamaica?

9.How many people died in 1988 in Jamaika?

10.How floods happen?

11.What is tsunami?

12.How many layers have Earth?

13.When was the deadliest tornado in history tears through Bangladesh?

14.How called the hurricane who hits the caribbean and Eastern U.S. ??(It's hapend in 1979 and 2,000 people died.)

15.What's hapennd when the tectonic plates collide?


Angela & Karolina