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vendredi 9 juin 2006

You know


(Lire la suite...) Tomasz Skatula

1: Where is place where people put down radioactive garbage? a) Soulana b) Cramtown c) Hilltown 2: Why they do not want enter modification food? a)It is dangerous b)It is expensive c)It is not natural 3: Why they do not want get out with toxic things? a)It is stupid b) It is dangerous for world c) They want do sth for people 4: What they think abaut globel warming? a) Nothing b) Stop with CO2 c) Replace with new technology 5: What is i information which they send to customers? a) Do not eat modificated food b)Take a head c)look after animals

mercredi 10 mai 2006

Questions about the forest! by Marion.D and Julie.G

1) Where did the fire of ojo occur?

2) In which conditions did the fire in ojo feliz spread?

3) When was adopted the plan of fire bu the USA?

4) How many acres of forest are they protected in Britanic Colombia?

5)When the government of Britanic Colombia invested in one of environmental measurements?

6)What did forest have to face for one century?

7)Who's responsible for this domage?

8)What makes the NFPRA to restore the forest?

9)How many menbers of congress approved of NFPRA?

10)How many scientists and organizations of conservation?

11) What wants to say NFPRA?

12)What happend on March 14,2006?

13)The March 2,2006, How much petitions signed?


15)When the alliance of protection of forests national (NFPRA)?

vendredi 13 janvier 2006

Gothic gothic gothic ...

Decorations and textures.

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mercredi 14 septembre 2005

What do you know about Poland?

Getting to know our Polish friends' country and city.

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