Endengered species 



1) What is endengered species 2) What laws ofering in connetion with protecting animals in many countres? 3) What are results for speciec extinction? 4) What??s the best known worldwide conservation status listing ? 5) How many endengered mamals are? 6) When the IUCN Red List have been created ? 7) How many endengered birds are? 8) Is Green Sea Turtle endengered reptiles ? 9) What are two endengered crustaceans name? 10) Where do King of the Paphs Orchid come from? 11) Why some endangered species laws are controversial? 12) How many endengered amphibians ? 13) How many american bison was killed in 1890? 14) What are two endengered crustaceans name? 15) What is one endengered mollusks name ?

By Agnieszka Smole? and Aurelia Szweda