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mardi 27 septembre 2005

What a productive Blog!

Congratulations to all Polish and French students!

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hello again ;)

how I write before I put here my photo ;) when I get photo of my horse (Kwazar) I'll put it here too ;)

lundi 26 septembre 2005

Hello everyone!

My name's Katarzyna Siwczak and I'm one of the teachers participating in the project. I've been teaching English for 9 years. As soon as I graduated from university I started working at the secondary school in Chwalowice and I just love it!!! Never will I leave the school (this is the info for my first-form students hoping that I'll just ...disappear after the first year of our being together!) In my free time... What is FREE TIME? Maybe I'll find day.


HI!! My name is Łukasz and I'm from Poland. I like play voleyball and computer games. I have one sister she's name is Aleksandra(Ola:P). My favorites music types is TECHNO HOUSE. I think thats all . THX cya :P:P

HI !!!!! I'm Rafal

My name is Rafa?. I'm from Poland and I live in Rybnik my mother language is Polish. I haven't got a girlfriend:) My hobbies is listening music. That's all :)


My name's Sebastian and I'm 16 years old. I comes from Poland. My favourite subjects at school is physical education and Computer studies. I can speek two language - Polish and English. There are four people in my family. I'm got one brother, aged 18, who is studying at secondary school. In my free time, I loves playing volleyball.

Where is my question ??

Heh I don't know why but my question is out of this blog :( So I repeat it :) Who know UScript or UED 2.0 ?? Pleas answer me :) CY

dimanche 25 septembre 2005


My name is Angelika I'm 16 years old and I live in Rybnik. I love animals and I have a two dogs and fish. I like traveling, I was in Greece last year and was cool. Greece is beautiful country. My favourite colors are black, blue and red. My birthsday is on 14th of Juny. See you later!!!


My name is Carolina. I'm 16 years old. I live in Poland. I don't have any brother and sister. I like listening rock and metal music. My favourite sport is volleyball. I like going out with my friends. I love dogs but I don't have any dog. My birthday is on 22nd of May. See you later:-)

My Description

Hi!! My name is Marcin. I cant write very well in English:P I live in Rybnik in Poland. I learn in 4 LO. I'm wegetarian.. I don't eat meat. I'm 16 years old and I've got older sister-Iza (she's 24). I'm interested music (drum&bass, trance, gabba, hardcore, reggae and many more), sports (baseball, rugby), mobile phones (now i have Nokia 3650 and 6610i) and wegetarian food. I like to watch movies - science-fiction, horrors, thrillers and comedies. My favourit films are 'Final destination', 'Butterfly effect', 'Ali G in da house' and 'Scary movie'. In my free time I surfing net, meet with friends and... ... go to school (lol)<---joke:P

Grettings for all!!!

Hello :]

My name is Micha?!! I'm 16 years old. I live in Poland. I have two sisters. She??s names is Kasia and Magda. My hobby is voleyball. My birthday is on 15 th Julyiller. I like go out my friends and play voleyball. I listen music are techno

hello :*

HI !!! :* My name is Żaneta and I come from Rybnik in Poland.I'm 16 years old.I go to grammar school in Chwa?owice. My birthday is on 15th January.I have 170cm. height.I have brown eyes and dark yellow hair.I have got one sister, her name is Patrycja and she's 12 years old.I like go to the cinema and meet my friends.My hooby is sking. I have one dog -Tobi and a squirrel-Chippi. In the future I would like yo be chemist or psychologist. :D I like bananas, strowberries and chocolates. :]''

HeeY =]

I'm Magda . I'm 16 years old. I live in Rybnik. I have got sister-Michalina, and I'v got dog, cat & Phasmida (pol. patyczaki) :-) My favourite sports are: volleyball, tennis, badminton, ping-pong:) I like go to the cinema, ride a bike and meet my friends, in my free time. I love films: Alien, Star Wars, 13ghosts, Shrek & various comedies. I want study in Wroc?aw, because I very very very like this city. My birthday is 22'January. Here's my e-mail: = SeE __YoU__ LateR =

Hi ! :D

Hi ! :-) My name is Patrycjusz , i hate this name ! It`s ugly ! Im from Popielow in Rybnik on south of Poland . I have 16years old , i have two sisters , one 10years , she`s name is Ela , and the other is Kinga and she is 19 years old .My favourite computer game is Counter-Strike , i love this game !It`s the best FPS ( first person shoter) like I play !It`s multiplayer and i can play with friends , and everyone from world who have internet.Im intrested of volleyball and football . My favourite footbal is Manchester United ! In volleyball im fan of Polish Representation.At the end of my first Entry on this web i give you my fast info :

Name : Patrycjusz

Age : 16

From : Popielow > Rybnik > Poland

Best computer game : Counter-Strike

Best football team : Manchester United

Favourite colour : White

Music : every kind of music

e-mail :

Thanks for watching and see you later !! :-)


I'm Caroline,for friends Karol or Biedronka, I'm 16 years old and I'm live in Rybnik. I very like maths, physics and astronomy, thus i often looks on the sky and admire the stars. My hobby is art, I interested of the differents technique of painting. After the high school I want to go to the Fine Arts Academy in Kraków and my dream is become famouse painter or architect. On my free time I listening the music, mainly rock and sometimes rock'n roll, and meeting with my friends. Oh, and I'm a guide on the 15 scouts team "Spóźniony W?drowiec".

Elo ziooom!!! Hello!!:)

Hi:) My name's Marcin. I'm from Poland, I live in Rybnik. I'm 16years old and I'm student of the IV LO in rybnik. I have one sister, her name is Dorota and she's 10 years old. I like listen House/Dance music.My favourite sports are football and volleyball. I like swimming, watching TV and go to gym.My favourite subjects in school are:IT,math and PE.

               GG:7867612                                               SEE YOU LATER!!!!


hello ... my name is Jack and I'm sixteen ... I live in village called Giera?towice ... I have one sister ANIA ... she is studying maths on Silesian Uniwersity ... this is why I like this subject ... My favourite sport is football and a little voleyball ... I like racing on cycle ... I love going to football matches at Górnik Zabrze stadium ... I hate subcultures such how dirty hippies ! ... this would be some about me see you soon

Hi everyone !!!

Hi everyone! My name is Agnieszka and I come from Rybnik in Poland .I'm 16 years old and I'm student of The IV LO in Chwa?owice. I have got one brother , his name is Tomasz and he's 17 years old. I'm intersted in movies and my favourite types of films are warm films, historical films and maybe science fiction films, but I hate horrors :) !!Besides my favourite film is "The Lord of the Rings", because the story is very exciting, intersing and the special effect are amazing !! I love this film :D:D!!! Also I like many other films like : Gladiator , Troy(!!), the Last Samurai , Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers......In my free time I like go to the cinema (of course :D) with my friend , ride a bike, read intersing books, listen to miusic(Techno, Rock -> Sum 41, Switchfoot, Green Day, Fall Out Boy <- Pop ) Here's my e-mail: . See you soon :D !!


My name is David Sukiennik. I'm sexteen years old. I'm from Poland and I live in Jankowice. My favourite subject in school are history, geography and PE. My hobby is moto-cross. In free time I like listening to music (techno, dance), swimming, watching TV, playing my computer and riding on my bike. My favourite games are Gothic and Mafia. Narx<---see you later!!!

! Hi !

My name is Pawe?. I'm 16 years old. I come from Poland and I learn in frist class in 4 L.O. in Rybnik. I have one brother. He's names is Kamil. I'm intersted in sport and motorization. In my free time I play football and drive on moped. I listen music techno and my favourite team is ATB. !!! Greeting all !!!
Ncikname - Szczypek, Szczepan,
Favourite coulor - blue,
Favourite film - Pearl Harbor,
Favourite football team - Fc Barcelona,
e-mail -


HI My name is Michael. I'm 16 years old and I live in Rybnik.I have one sister-Kasia and one dog. I'm interested in bikes and computers. I like going out with my firends and listening music(rock). My e-mail:

Hail all!!

My name is Paul... I'm 16 years old. I live in Poland. My hobby is Biologie and Computer. My loveliest music are Techno and r&B. I very like go out and meet witch my friends. My favourite films are Horror and Thriller. It's all, bye ;-)

OK new message 4 all

Who know UScript or UED 2.0 ??

My first and mabe last mind :)

O my god :P I don't know this launguage good so I make a mistake in writing and grammarian :) My nickname is Nali I love UT 99. Thats all :) My favourite job is doing a maps:) My map You can also find in this is Polish page. But is very good so You must find it :)

Hello to all our students!

Just a quick message to introduce myself too...

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samedi 24 septembre 2005


Hello ! :-)

(Lire la suite...)

let's do it quick >:]

y0o all I will not write a long post with my name, hobbys and other boring things:) I thing that you are wathing this post because you have to do it or you know you should do it to know what is inside. For example to know what are your friends talking about after weekend and to don't stand like an argh... silly man who don't know anything about present world :P ok so let's begin:D

  • name: Adrian
  • nick: $kulio
  • age: 16
  • siblings: 1 brother(27yo)
  • hobby: computers ; quake 3 arena:)
  • music: rock, metal and my favourite disco polo;):P
  • country: Poland
  • city: Rybnik /Jankowice/

heh i think thats all:) i hope you aren't so bored at all

and sorry for all mistakes in grammar that I had make in this letter (I tried to do it as fast as I can... so thats because) oh... and if you still have some questions don't ask me:D:D:D

$33 Y@ @LL

Hi everybody ;]!!!

Hello:] My name is Michael Kuczera. I??m sixteen. I??m dark-haired man with blue eyes. I live in medium village named Jankowice. Jankowice are placed near Rybnik so I have only 20 minutes road to walk to school. I chose IV LO school because is the nearest from my house and of course I think this is the best school in region. My parents?? names are Mariola and John. I also have older brother. He is twenty and he is studying for an architect. I have a lot of hobbies. I interest computer, motors, music and of course sport. My favourite sport is volleyball. I have 184cm.height. I play in volleyball team from my locality which is play in first amateurs league. I really like this sport because when I play it I feel very good, I forget all bad things which are were in last time. In past I play football but it was very short history? Football isn??t for my? When I was young I broke my arm twice time when I was goalkeeper... so I decided to end with this sport. I said that I also like to listen music. My favourites kinds of music is techno, house, rock-pop. My favourite group from Poland is ??Wilki? unfortunately I think you don??t know who are they?I also like ??Linkin Park? (I think you know this group). Sometimes I play computers games. I like strategic games. I think the best strategic game is Heroes of the Might and Magic. I have all 4 versions of this game and a lot of patches. This is a short story about me. Maybe in next days I tell you more about my life because today I don??t have net. ;]See you soon;]



My name is Aurelia. I'm 16 years old and I learn in first class in 4 L.O. in Rybnik. I come from Poland. I have one brother and two sisters. My brother's name is Tomasz and my sisters' names are Emilia and Laura. We live in Rybnik. I love this city!!! I like palying volleyball with friends. I like rock/metal music and a love band DEPECHE MODE!!!!!! here's my e-mail ... See You Tomorrow...



My name is Gosia, for friends Packolinka. I'm living in Rybnik.
I have two brothers. In free time go out with my friends on the parking. I play volleyball i like gimnastic.

I listen:

  1. reagge
  2. punk rock
  3. ska

My favourite films are:

  • "Green Mile"
  • "Sexty Second"

Thank you for attention. And pleas vistit my blog tommorow. And have nice day. =:) (made by Kwasiu)

Hi everyone ! ! !

Hi everyone ! ! ! My name is Leszek and I'm from Poland. Now I live in Rybnik and I'm veryy happy living here :]. I've got 2 sisters but they already don't live with me. I'm 16 years old and I learn in first class in 4 L.O. in Rybnik. I'm listen to the CLUB and HOUSE music :D:D:D because all the rest music is bornig me :]. I like all sports but my favourite is football because I very often play football. My favourite footbal team is MANCHESTER UNITED - I think I mustn't write why this team:]. Besides I like to meet with my friends and do lot's of funny things :]. GREETINGS FOR ALL ! ! !

jeudi 22 septembre 2005

Hi there!

Just few words about me, yea :)

(Lire la suite...)

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! My name`s Paul, I`m 16yo and I live in Rybnik (shocked, huh? ;-) ). I`ve got an older sis - Asia (she`s 25yo at present) and a cat. I`m interested in music - mainly Thrash (I luv _MetallicA_), Punk (Blink182) and a little bit of Blues/Jazz (fav improvising theme). In my free time I code 2d and 3d gamez and apps (Cpp, OpenGL mainly) and I play guitar a lot ;] . My favourite colour is green, I like to eat fruits and to meet my friends. Here`s my e-mail - msg me if you want to:


Elo ;) My name is Peter. I'm live in Rybnik, and I go here to shool (exactlier in Chwa?owice City :D - district of Rybnik) Here u' can see something about my Town: I am interested motorcycles (choppers, dragsters, customs bikes) and horses :) I ride on horses from 4 years :) a lot of people write how they look so I to write something :) Blond, 180cm, o-o, short hairs... I will try to put here my photo ;) Sometimes I'll write here something new ;P see u' later

My Description

My name is Filip , my surname is too long so I don't show it to you :) . I live in Rybnik...Nothing special :P I'm interested in sport - football and volleyball , computers - webdesign and music - rock & grunge & punk rock & reggae & blues/jazz and many more...On weekends I always play volleyball with friends.I'm into computers - so maybe in my freetime I will make a special English site for this blog :) Now I must go now to learn ( ROTFL :P ) ... See You Tomorrow... ICQ : 235219696

Yeah, Hi

I'm 16 years old and this is my first test-note-like-thingy here. My name's Pawe?, my surname is Popanda, but if you call me by my surname, prepare for a whole world of pain. I live in Rybnik, Poland. I have 3 brothers, one younger and two older than me. I'm a student of The IV Liceum Ogólnokszta?cace (um.. Highschool) im. (by the name of) Miko?aja Kopernika. But who cares. :) I like girls (who doesn't :D), also all computer related things, mainly programming and of course computer games, and i simply *love* shooting. Not so long ago i signed into a shooting club. I shoot anything i can lay my hands on. Most of the time in the club we practise with small caliber guns, but last time we went on a real shooting range, and we shot a S&W, and a 9mm bullet gun that i forgot the name :/ Also, we got to shoot a KBKS (rifle). Ok, end of the gun freak part, let's move on. I said i like computers. Well i do like programming, but my time is mostly consumed by games, cuz It's my stress-relief machine. :) I like First Person Shooters (gun freak!), and Role Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons like). I like listening to music, mainly Rock, Punk Rock, and NU Metal. My favorite band would prolly be "The Offspring". I like to play hockey, either on roller-skates or on ice. Ok, I think i'm gonna end my test-note-like-thingy right about here, because you read enough already, and you're prolly bored :) I'll just state, that i regulary play "America's Army" so if someone knows this game, catch me on a serv... My nick is Bizkit(PL). Also, if you're not afraid to write a mail to a gun freak, plz require confirmation in it, because my junk/spam filter is active, and i may not even read the letter :/ My mail is

mercredi 21 septembre 2005


Hi my name is name matthieu,i am 15 years old.I have 2 brothers. I' m live near of Rozay en brie with my parents are married. I like playing basket ball,soccer,roller... I listen rap US ( 50 cent, Keniatou... ) My favourite player of basket is Tracy Mcgrady.


Hello!My name is Laury,my surname is Rolland.I'm 16 years old.I have one sister(Cindy).I have one cat and two hamsters roboroski.My favorite hobbies is dance;I like chocolate,shopping...and my familly...I would like to become teacher of dance or in the trade.Byebye!


hello!!! my name is jennifer!!!I seventeen!!my parents is an accountant(mother) and firm manager (father)!!!I have one sister who a nineteen, one brother who a seventeen!!!and yes I am twin!!! my sister 's name nancy.she has one daughter alicia who a ten month!!!and my twin 's name jonathan!!! I have a dog!!! I love shopping, the horse, the cinema... and i want to work in Humans ressources!!! bye bye

Nicolas and Sylvain

hello ours name are nicolas and sylvain.Nicolas's Hobbies are : Work in firestation , football , Discotheque in Paris and laugh with sylvain :) Sylvain's Hobbies are : Football, to exit with friends and to laugh with Nicolas =) Nicolas have three sisters.I live in Fontenay-Trésigny next to Rozay-en-Brie. sylvain have one brother and one sister. nicolas and sylvain are big friends


Hi. How you doing ??? I'm fine because I'm now in english lesson and i like that. My name's Joaquim I'm 16 years old I'm live near of Rozay-en-Brie. I got 2 brothers I'm used to play basketball with them. When I got free time I rap a lot , I've already recorded a song and I'm waiting for my second. My favourite rapper is Soprano my favourite soccer player is Mantorras because he's Angolan (african country) and my father is from here. I like palying soccer too. If I got my examen I'll try to go the USA to improve my english and to sutying.


hello!!!!!!how are you??? My name is stephanie...I am 17 and half years old,I have 2 brothers and 1 sister...I have a cat and a turtle...I LOVE a chocolate!!!!!!!!My favorite colour is blue and green... I like to go out with my friends , the cinema ,the music and the tennis...bye


Hello ! My name is marion, I'm 16 years old. I live in Fontenay-tresigny next to Rozay en brie. I've got 1 sister, she's 20 years old. I like music (punk rock and metal) but I hate rap!!!I don't like school because it's not hobbies : music, surf, skate....


Hello! My name is Céline, I'm 16 old, I have one brother and a twin sister.I have a dog and a cat. I love going to the cinema, listening to music, playing basketball, going out with my friend and be on computer. I don't know what to do in the future. Good bye!!!!


Hi! My name is Megane, I am sixteen. I have three brothers, there is Killian (thirteen years) Clement and Nicolas are twins (three years). In my house there are four dogs, two cats and fishes, my mother loves the animals. I love basket-ball, the shopping and the music. Later, I want to work in Humans Ressources.


Hello, my name is Sandy I am 17 years old. I have one sister, she is 22 years old,her name is Virginie and one brother, he is 17 years old, his name is Jérémy we are twins. I live with my father, his name is Patrick, my sister and my brother. My parents are divorced. I like music, films, to go out with my friends.I want to be an assistant.


hello my name is marion, I live en Nesles la Gilberde next to the Rozay where my school is, I have one sister and one brother, i am sixteen, i havn't got a hobby except for my boy friend, and i have a little dog and a fish.


Hello!!! My name is Irving, I am 16 years old,I am franco-Italian, I have got one brother and one sister, I've got a cat,I love the cats, I like the football, my favourites dream is AC Milan, basket my favourite dream it's Chicago Bulls, and tennis(I play tennis regularly) I'm fan of Maria Sharapova(she is so beautyful and even so wonderful), of Michael Jordan(It's the best sportsman from all time), Diego Maradona(It's the best pootballer from all time) and Pete Sampras(similar that Maradona but with tennis),my favourite sport is the basketball(mainly the NBA) with equality with football(the italian football) and my favourite sportsman is Michael jordan with equality with Diego Armando Maradona . I am interested to Japan between the years 1600 and 1868, to sport, music and manga my three favourites mangas are Saint Seiya, in second, Ranma 1/2 and to finish Ruroni Kenshin.My favourite music it's the rap/r&b, soul music,rock style Jimmy Hendrix,and jazz/blues my favourites singer are Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, My Favourite jazzman is John Coltrane. i like the cinema and my favourites films are the Godfather's trilogy, Scarface with Al Pacino and American History X with Edward Norton, my favourite actor is Robert de's ok see you, goodbye.


My name is nicolas. I am 17 years old. I have a sister,and a dog. I like sport


hello!my name is aurore,I'm 16 old.I have a two little brothers and one sister.I have a dog,fish,bird,rabbit,hamster and a guinea pig.I live in a little villag.I like the cinema,go out with my boyfriend and my friends,go to Paris in my father.I would like work with the children.good bye!!


Hello!!!My name is Amandine, I have 18years. I have got 1 sister (she have 21years). I have got 1 dog and 2 cats. My hobbies is read, boxing, sport, piano and the Poland because it's my origine...Later I would like work in sport...Good bye!!!


My name is julie I am 18 years old, I am French.My birthday is 12/08/1987.I love sports,dance. I haven't got pets because my parents don't want to.I don't like hunting. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister , my brothers are 28years and 15 years , my sister is 22 years.I live in a small village there are 500 habitants who's name is Courtomer.I love music:rap,techno,rnb,zouk.bye!!


Hello !!! My name is Laura Monnier ! I'm small and I'm 15 years old.I have 1 brother (Antoine) and 1 sister (julie). Julie is my twins. I like chocolate and go to the cinema ! My favourite colour is blue.


Hi! my name is MERLIOT Damien, I have 17 years (the 30 september) I don't have a brother. I have a small cat, her name is shadow.My favorite activities is a skate, a musique(punk), a mangas (japanise comic), and a video game. I don't know what I want to late as job and I am impatient to read you... I live in a small village: guerard, he doesn't on a travel guide(lol) and i have a crest on my head...


HELLO!!! My name is samir . I am 17 years old, I have two sisters, I have got a cat, I like all sport, cinema, music....


Hello! My name is Guillaume, i'm 16 years old. i've 2 sisters and a brother. i play counter-strike 1.6/DOD, it's my favourite occupation after work my english it's sure ^^ ! animals? yeah i've a dog and a cat as many personne in my class. i wanna work on a LAN, my futur diploma is a "BTS informatique" and a year to obtain a licence. do not hesitate has poster a comment on the blog


lundi 19 septembre 2005


Your production is due for October 8th. You will get the results on October 20th.

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dimanche 18 septembre 2005

Monthly competitions in English

How to improve your English results in a fun way?

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mercredi 14 septembre 2005

What do you know about Poland?

Getting to know our Polish friends' country and city.

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