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mercredi 30 novembre 2005

Guillaume & julie.G

N'haili Sabrina et Yver Sandy



Last friday we had a guest from 2 representent from the SIETOM. The sietom is a private organisation created in 1960 for the recycling of the litter near of Rozay. Today the basement is at GREZT and the organisation helps 41 cities , 55 000 logings and 149 896 inhabitants.

The sietom have 3 objectives.

First they want to collect litter at the best price ;
then they want to protect the environnement ;
improve the quality of the compost ;
they wanna be independent.

they are in a hard struggle against the people to make them make less litter.

Against nuclear

By Irving and Samir

(Lire la suite...)

lundi 28 novembre 2005

Our leaflet

our leaflet

dimanche 6 novembre 2005


This month you are supposed to write a GREENPEACE LEAFLET advertising one of its campaigns (see: webquest about Greenpeace).

You can work in pairs for this task.

DEADLINE: 9th December (make sure your productions are on the Blog till that date!) You??ll see the results of this competition on 19th December ?? the voting system remains the same.


A leaflet is written to attract people??s attention to important issues ?? make yours eye-catching. How about inventing a special design, using graphics, etc? Just make your imagination work?