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mercredi 25 janvier 2006



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Hi my name is Greg and I'm looking for somebody to new project. My e-mail adresse is:

mardi 24 janvier 2006

Hi I'm Zdzisiek

My name is Zdzisiek, I live in rybnik. I like sailing, music (i play piano and contrabas) and sports. My favorite color is blue.:P

Now I'm looking for partner to new project. Msg me

lundi 23 janvier 2006


Hello! Our names is Agnieszka and Aurelia and we are 16 years old. Also we are the bes friend :D .We are looking for somebody to new project. Our e-mail adresse is . We are waiting for your letter . See you soon :)

samedi 21 janvier 2006


Hello We are Carolina and Angela. We are very nice girl and we need someone to new project :-) our e-mail adresse are and Bye :-)

jeudi 19 janvier 2006


Hi my name is Marcin and I'm looking for somebody to new project ;] My e-mail adresse is:

mercredi 18 janvier 2006


hi My name is Patrycjusz(male:D) and i`am looking for somebody for the new project , please msg me @ see you on ! :)

Hello ;]

Hi my name is Michael and I'm looking for somebody to new project ;] My e-mail adresse is


Hi, because nobody answered at my messages I must put here this post :) So, I'm looking for someone to this new project :) If you like to cooperate with me please send me a message;) at: e-mail: or MSN: or ICQ: 232-833-361 or XFire: pioadam or Gg: 2997201 (or just put here new post ;) ) see u' ;P

Hi! :)

Hello!!! My name is David and I need someone to work with me. My meil

mardi 17 janvier 2006


I am JAck and a need someone to work with me . who will be without steam >>>

lundi 16 janvier 2006

elo elfs ;]

Hello! For the second time I'm Leszek ! ! ! who want to do that funny project with me? so just write that ok! So bye !

my meil


y0o all

ok ok ones again i'm adrian :) i need someone to work with me in that project...


Worried about the partnership?

Some of you have trouble getting in touch with each other. We know it is not easy to work with someone you do not know. Let us remind you that it is the first French-Polish collaboration and we are sure it will be a very rewarding experience for all of you! So do not despair, OK? Since the French legislation does not allow me to download a photo of the whole class (because I do not have all parents' signatures for their child to appear on the Blog), I found another way... I sent Mrs Siwczak a scanned photo of the 1STG class so that she can show it to you informally. All the best, G. Munsch


Hi! My name is Rafal. I search person for cooperation. Please contact with me. My email: THX

dimanche 15 janvier 2006

Partnership for the February competition

Some of you are on their way to find a partner, while others have not received any answers yet... Don't dilly dally!

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samedi 14 janvier 2006


Hello!!! My name is Irving, I am 16 years old,I am franco-Italian, I have got one brother and one sister, I've got a cat,I love the cats, I like the football, my favourites dream is AC Milan, basket my favourite dream it's Chicago Bulls, and tennis(I play tennis regularly) I'm fan of Maria Sharapova(she is so beautyful and even so wonderful), of Michael Jordan(It's the best sportsman from all time), Diego Maradona(It's the best pootballer from all time) and Pete Sampras(similar that Maradona but with tennis),my favourite sport is the basketball(mainly the NBA) with equality with football(the italian football) and my favourite sportsman is Michael jordan with equality with Diego Armando Maradona . I am interested to Japan between the years 1600 and 1868, to sport, music and manga my three favourites mangas are Saint Seiya, in second, Ranma 1/2 and to finish Ruroni Kenshin.My favourite music it's the rap/r&b, soul music,rock style Jimmy Hendrix,and jazz/blues my favourites singer are Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, My Favourite jazzman is John Coltrane. i like the cinema and my favourites films are the Godfather's trilogy, Scarface with Al Pacino and American History X with Edward Norton, my favourite actor is Robert de's ok see you, goodbye.

vendredi 13 janvier 2006

Gothic gothic gothic ...

Decorations and textures.

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Eh .... Hello

We must works in grups so pleas contact to us by the e-mail, Michal's e-mail is or my (but I'm visit his one a month :P)


Hi my name is Bastien y live in France beside Rozay. I am 17 years old, my hobby is the PC and to listen to the music. I have a 21 year old sister. I seek somebody to make the project of January 2006.



My name is julian. I have 16 year old.I have 1 brother and 1 sister. I have a dog (yuna) a king charle I like video games, mangas, system of a down.

mercredi 11 janvier 2006


Hi! My name is romain. I have seventeen years old . I likes videos games, music and the car. I lives in Marles en Brie . I haven't got animals . I would like to work in the automobile or to become expert in the car .

I need a person for the new competition with you !

Hy all ! i need a person for practise the new competition ! you can speak with me at this mail :

You're welcome !


my name is karole.I have seventeen years old.I have one brother.I have two turtles.My favorite color is blue. I like comics films.I like children.I live in fontenay tresigny.I like to go to the cinema with my friends.My hobbies is hip hop,handball

mercredi 4 janvier 2006

Polish-French partnership

In January, we ask you to know each other better and develop a tangible contribution about the environment...

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mardi 3 janvier 2006

Results of the December competition

Thank you for your leaflets which were quite interesting. Watch out for the next competition which will involve a Polish-French partnership this time! Hey! Things are getting a little bit tricky now... December results