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samedi 25 février 2006

Oy Mates

Hi i'm Mark and im looking for a partner to the projest, i think i was chosen to do it with Nicolas so Nicolas, please write to me on, cos i cant contact you through your email.

samedi 18 février 2006

March competition

This time you will have to write a commentary / analysis about two photographs. You will need to work with your French/Polish partners, so don't hesitate to exchange documents and written paragraphs by e-mails. Your production MUST be a COMMON piece of work of 30 lines maximum. The deadline is March 17th.

Here is the task set for you:

1) Describe the following pictures and explain the common point between them.

2) Answer the questions below to give a full analysis of the pictures.

a) What can provoke such disasters? Explain the evolution from the 1980s to the 2000s. What will happen in the future?

b) Do these catastrophes scare you?

c) Can you suggest possible solutions / alternatives to remedy these problems?

Good luck to you all!

samedi 4 février 2006

Diaporama "Projet Vert"- "GREEN-PROJECT"

Une présentation du partenariat Franco-Polonais sous le titre "Projet Vert" a été faite lors de la réunion "Parents -Professeurs" le lundi 23/11/2006. Diaporama


Working in the IT room with 1STG students

A session on the Blog to create "green" leaflets for the December competition.

(Lire la suite...)

vendredi 3 février 2006


My name's Pawe? Popanda, and I'm looking for a partner to do the project with :) If you'd like to work with me leave a comment with your e-mail or any other contact method like MSN, or contact me:

X-Fire: 0bizkit0 Mail: (pretty much spammed, send a mial requiering confirmation ;])

Thx for reading, and looking forward to working with you :)