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jeudi 20 octobre 2005


Here are the Polish and French votes for the October competition (poems)!

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mardi 11 octobre 2005

Little homeland

__Where are green forests full of briechs and oaks ?

Where is the pure river - Szotkówka ?
Where are the forest animals ?

Where is the true woamb nature ? Where is beatiful music ?

Where are the children with rounds faces ?
Where is a pub with fast -foods ?__
Where is a disco which play 'One World' ,'Black Horse & The Cherry Tree' ,etc.

It is in ?wierklany! This is a placewhere centuries ago there grew a spruce wood .

This place I love and rescept !
I'll never forget my little homeland !
                              Gosia Mrowiec :-)

lundi 10 octobre 2005

Child gater???

Being young, i never saw my father

For him her money to go to make my happiness

But i to laugh at it totally

His presence could not be replaced by these zloty

This apartement in Paris in edge of the Seine

To share with nobody except my dog

I was sad as a child lost in the nature

Only also to admire his shrubs green roudness

I was as the only one for the world

Only at table when i ate has Mcdonalds

In brief the money does not make the happiness

Unfortunately my father understood him has its expenses.

Hicham and Kevin

dimanche 9 octobre 2005


Rybnik is a beautiful city,

Where is Nacyna the prettiest river.

I always sit on the green grass,

And admire wild ducks,

Or all the nature arround me.

There is also spruce tree,

And a hot-dog seller next to it.

When I am there,

I'm always feel like in heaven.

I sometimes take there circle-shaped discman,

And listen to my favourite song,

Called "Stairways To Heaven".

writer : JaCek G.

Yeah thats Me.

Hi my name is Mark. I live in Poland, Jejkowice. My interests are: computers(programming) and pirotechniqes(fireworks mostly). I go to IV'th LO in Rybnik, on mat-inf-fiz profile. I have one brother, two parents, no pets(all died in pain), both hands(still). And thats about it I think.

Better late then never?

I had PC problems, so it's a little late.

"I Did My Time" by Me (duh!) and Marek "Piro".

I did My Time,
It was under the dog...
"Hamburger" doesn't rhyme,
So does London's fog.

Tamiza is clean,
Everything is cool,
People are different,
I just don't like school.

School is evil,
It's the devil's seed,
We lost the values,
But we kept the weed.

Computers are square,
Oaks - naturaly Green,
I hope I get away with this,
And don't get my teacher mean. ]:->


Rybnik is GREAT!!

Rybnik great town

Great at day

Great at night

I love this TOWN!!

If you are boring here....

Nooo You can't be bored

Because the Disco is here

If you don't like Disco

But i don't think so

Go on the Nacyna river catch a fish

And you can eat now

Fish and chips :):)


Go too green forest

And feel a nature

Do you knew what

The best is that:

If you will talk about that on biology

You will get the best opinion :P



samedi 8 octobre 2005


"My small-brown dog Fog

very like eats oval Hot-dog

I and he love nature

as very as to travel in the future

While our walk to the park

I always see my friend Klark

and together sing Leave get out

Then to take my bike

tour city which I like

this city is a Rybnik

where is school M. Kopernik

In our the park are big trees chesnuts

under it don't you walk without boots

There sun shines very light

grass always is green, that all "

                                    Magda H.

Snapshots of Rozay

Just a few views of our town thanks to Julie's camera.

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Poem by Nali & Micha? Kalwasi?ski

We are We like We love We hate ...

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I live In Rybnik,

Town by the Nacyna river.

It is very fantastic

And funny in summer.

We have pike in arms

With green seeweeds.

Everyone who comes,

Make lot of friends.

Rybnik have big town square

A place of meeting.

We have beautiful nature

And place of oak-tree living.

They are lot of restaurant,

I like specially ??Sphinks?

Were usually play In Flames from Finland,

Specially song ??Zombie Inc.?.

second the best poem on the world


(Lire la suite...)

My poem

Beautiful city

Through beautiful city, about name Cracow,
Flows charming called river Wis?a.
This touristic city is,
Full gifted values by nature.

It this city, in which it steps out much greenness,
In nearby grove beautiful oaks, beeches as well as well as pines are.
In this forest in shape of rectangle, roe deer, wolves,
Live as well as many different beautiful animals.

In Cracow it were been possible to eat something elegant,
As well as also Hamburgers abd different this type food.
Every day at noon played is name carries trumpet-call,
Which Trumpet-call St Mary's.

Encountered boy tells about one's favourite object,
Which it is Programmer.
City this it is full movement,
In which all has one's values.

Szczepaniak P.


Once upon a time

In the Cracov upon Wisla

Lived a young, naught girl.

Herparents named her Cristal

She had a bicycle and a small, grey cat.

And also had a dog, which was very fat.

Cristal loved eating, especially pumplin pye,

So her belly was vounded lite a ball

It lays in her nature, walking in the fog

And bringing at home every founded frog

She also loved to sitting at the green oak trees

Singing her favourite Bee Gees's song "Run to me"

While she's going, she's made a lot of noise

Because she hasn't knew kow awful was her voice.

Everyone loved Cristal and claimed that she's fine

Because she was smilling all the time.

poem?? or maybe not

y0o now i will show you the best poem in the world:P:P but plz don't laugh :):)


When I see an oval oak
I look at the clock
I count time to break
When I eat cake
The squirrel runs on the tree
I turned green
From zeal to feel the nature
If I go to London
I will eat my hot dog
When all things are going wrong
I move to the ancient Rome
I dream up all old things
Even gate to the river Styx
When I play the Gothic game
I imagine that I am there
When I listen to ??It??s my life?
I feel freedom and full of life

                                   made by $kulio & David S.

heh well it isn't the best poem:) but we aren't so creative


I was in Rybnik

And I saw round tomato

I set ander the three everyday

And I sing song "yesterday"

I swim in the Nacyna

And I have dissolving mascara

I set ander the ouk

And I eat the hod-dog

When I go with my favourite camera

I made picture beautiful nature

I visit museum

And I go to market

When I sit on the bench

I see tiny cat

When I go to bed

I dreamt the green apple.

Angelika & Karolina

My poem - Zdzisiek

Behind the mountains, behind the seas,
There was a town, built on trees.
No engines, no cars,
No fastfoods, no bars.

Yesterday, an old guy,
Saw a plane crosing a sky.
He thaught he find a kind of bird,
But not only he - he was third.

People get together to settle the friction,
There was one way - it was a fiction.
Desperate man was whole shiver,
Jumped from high, but he falled to the river.

Thankyou for read this story,
I think it deserve for glory.
This is ofcourse unreal,
Now I go eat some meal.

vendredi 7 octobre 2005

My world Writer Aurelia & Agnieszka

I live in Rybnik, by our city sea,
My house has got number three,
Next to my home three grow a very big tree.
This tree is Oak,

It can be there, for my it is oke.
It make me feel close to nature,
This fact is positively for me.

Nacyna is mine favorite river
But I don't swim there!
Because cold is water in her

At home I don't have any pet,
But I wish to have a cat.
You know what?
I'm hungry can I go to shop
and get something to eat?

No!? Ok I will go to McDonald, or maybe not
it's not so healthy food.
Hamburgers at this fast food restaurant
are so round that they look not natural.

You know what,
I will get my favourite cup
and I will make for myself "hot mug".
And after I will drink it all I will have to sing
since I've been gone my stomach
is painfull oh my gosh!


I live in ile de france

in a village near paris

the green is the color

of fields in ile de france

hamburgers have amber colour

the sky is blue in summer

white is the snow in winter

the name of the river is yerre

there are pikes in this river

fishermans comes from paris

to fish in this river

PoEm By PiOaDaM ;)

In England there is a City
That everyone calls London.
If you weren`t there it`s a pity.
So visit It at once.

You could go on the river Thames.
Or fly with your book and dog.
I`m sure you`ll meet lots of friends
Even though there is a thick fog.

Here you can see Hyde Park with lots of oak trees.
Singing the Beatles Yellow Submarine
While you`re eating hot-dogs in peace.
And lying on the grass that is green.

If you care for nature.
Don`t drop litter on the streets
But find a square bin.
And put there all the pieces and bits.

The Best Poem on the world. Writer ToFiK & GoSiA

Once upon a time

In the Cracow over Wis?a.

Lived a young naughty girl,

Her parents named her Cristal.

. . .

She had a bicycle and a small, grey cat

And also had a dog, which was very fat.

Cristal loved eating,especilly pumpkin pye,

So her belly was rounded like a ball.

. . . .

It lays in her nature,walked in the fog

And bringing at home every found frog.

She also loved to sitting, at the green oach tree

Singing her favourite Bee Gees's song "Run to me".

. . .

While she's singing, she's made a lot of noise,

Because she hasn't knew, how ungly was her voise.

Everyone loved Cristal and claimed that she's fine,

Because she was smileiong all the time.

. . .

                          Marcin M.Tofik & Gosia M.


Hello, my name is Laurie. I live in Marles en Brie and I have 17 years old. I have 1 brither of 14 years old. After, I would be look for children. I have got 1 dog. I like to go to the cinema with my friends. GOOD BYE!!!!!


i can't write a poems :)

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Oak is a tree,

I'm free.

My friend is a dog,

I don't like fog.

I belong to nature,

Like a river Nile.

It's true

Sky is blue.

You think I'm crazy.

You're wrong, Mayby.

I do not live in Hong Kong.

I know it hasn't got sense,

But I can't write a poem.

I'm lazy,

I'm crazy.

Poem by Jab?o?ski and Nieruchalski

Our Rybnik!

                            In beautiful city Rybnik 
                            flow small river Nacyna. 
                            In coat of arms of this 
                            city is obviously - fish.
                            Nature bestowed this
                            city beautiful trees, 
                            we will find among them 
                            obviously large oak
                            and beautiful birch.
                            In our city all "Don't Lie"!!
                            Popular are here round 
                            hamburgers and hot-dog's,
                            we can buy it 
                            almost everywhere...
                            All in our city 
                            learn Engl  ish language.

jeudi 6 octobre 2005

My Poem... .

It's a small story about the man, who fell asleep, and actually fought with his mind... if you like all kinds of poetry, you may like it aswell :)

(Lire la suite...)

the poem of the life

Paris city love and of pleasure,

As the nature that is a vast empire,

Two lovers taking a walk to hourse,

eating delicious cookies whith classifies,

stopping it self in front of a magnificent oak,

whith its green leaves, dazzled by the sun,

these two persons looked at the sky,

with a girl in head,

In a small on drunk in square,

This hid a magnificent to file,

for that the love can say to the end,

Don't miss with my men!!!


??If I could turn back the hands of time?

The glory would still be mine

No matter if younger I miss understood

Now I want to reign like oak in the wood

If you meet me in nature look at my face

And see that I got the eye of the tiger

If you want to take my place

I put you on the Seine, this big river?

For me McDonald??s isn??t good

So I leave my hiding place on the dark

Because I need humans for food

Now you know why my surname is the shark

When he was dangerous Hulk was getting green

But me I never change my shape I??m still the same

You are scared as you have never been

I??m here in Paris, but you don??t know my name

Poem by Siano & Czarus :-)

??Popielow station?

We are living in Popielow.
In the big metropoly,
Near the small village Radziejow, 
So the word ??Popielow? is holy.

We have beautiful river
Near the natural green forest.
Nacyna is the name of the river
And very big trees are in that forest.

In our shield is the horse,
But our favourite animal is the dog.
Everybody here like listening ??The Doors?
And our the best song is ??Peace frog?.

Our favourite object is ??MAX pub?,
Which served American food
And tasty coffee in the cup,
So Popielow??s people are very good!

Czarus & Siano

A mervellous world

by marion Decaen et le marchand Julie

(Lire la suite...)

POEM ! ! !

Rybnik is big city

We like it because it's preety ! ! !

On Rybnik's neigbourhood

You can't buy any american food.

There are only traditional meal

But in Rybnik sells burgers big like whale.

The best object is geography

We speake abaut nature and society.

We also like trees

Our favourites are spruces.

Spruce is always green

And it's needles are very thin

In this region can happen everything

Cow can fly, cat can sings and other thing.

The Beatle's "Yellow sub-marine"

Is sailing on Vistula like in dream

hello :*


I live in Rybnik town.

My dog likes nature

and so do I.

I love him very much

and when we go for a wolk.

I know that we shouldn't talk.

There is Nacyna River in my town.

It's gren becouse of litters

but all the pines

we don't know why

are glitter for all the time.

When my family watch TV

we order pizza from TP.

And in the night

J dream about

round and square chair.


The hideous oil slick

I was going for a walk along the Rhone river bank

In the Calanques by singing "Yellow Submarine"

When suddenly I saw huge black water table

I perceived an alignment of fish going to the Mediterranean

The wild has been destructed by a simple tanker

I was picking cherrys they were juicy and tender

When instead of eating my cherry, I swallowed my ring

That I really liked.

I used to love this ring with all my heart,

I remember myself loving it in an English shop

called Sansberry

I really started to choke with this ring

Then I fell in this dirty black water table.

mercredi 5 octobre 2005


When You live in Hamburg You stress every day.

Leave Your worries behind, go out and play.

When you sink in Amur give me Your hand.

Dont feel so very worried, have fun while You can.


He kills Your pussycat at night.

He is very guilty. That's right.

But sit under green pine...

Your life can still be fine!


And don't think about this, You must forget

Because Your nature is stronger. Oh, yes that's it.

Now You think: "I'll believe you when hell freezes over"

I??m telling You the truth. My poem is not a cover.


It's like "Consolation" song, it isn't a hit

But it isn't like a hamburger it's like a roast-meat.

I'm sure he will said to You "sorry".

Now this is end of the story

:: Marcin O. and Filip K.


Sun raised on Paris

The birds sing at the edge of the Seine

And green the oaks fly

Who have beautiful green sheets

It is one of only the presence of nature

Among so much of another example

It disappears and leave place

Has buildings rectangular

And this event worsens

The majority of the people do not notice it

And it is not revenga

The information of television

Who will be able to restore the situation

And when that finished

Nature will begin again to be able it

The sun lies down on bets

                                                                                            J.Dejeux and R.Boussard

mardi 4 octobre 2005

Two world

In certain countries it is anarchy

Then there is a return to nature

As where cows, sheeps...

And a the Marne river

The oaks alleviate the soul

And the green of the grass the landscape

"The welcome" of Calogero

Rocks our dreams

Looking at the sun shine

We think about inequalities

In city for "Sean Jhon"business

It is with my pen

That I write little by little

On sheet my sufferings

While words take shape

As stars which scintillate.

                          P.Amandine and R.Laury

lundi 3 octobre 2005

An eccentric history...

One evening of summer,

In Alsace

Two in love accompanied by their tiger,

Near to the river of the Durance

"This Blue Dream" lived.

Such nature was,

Wearing of green the day then of black the night.

The man provided with his telescope,

To admire stars splendid and scintillating.

Thereafter he took of behind a fir tree a square box with paper gift,

The woman believing hopelessly that it was a necklace and a ring.

She was really surprised when she,

Discovered there a burger from the fast food Wendies!

Poeme by Marion and Céline

The sun got up on Paris

And on the edges of the Seine

We could admire fishes taken by the morning fishermen

On these edges,

We could find cafes-terraces

Or the parisian likes having breakfast

To the menu of some of them posed on the round table

Pancakes and syrup of maple or coffee and rusks of butter

My cafe, my restaurant

Covered with a green wallpaper, representative the nature

Filled with cactus and of rubber

Looked like this region in Mexico or it is pleasant of to get up early

On the bar it posed my favourite object, it is a teddy bear

In more it is polar bear

We could hear a sweet music which resounded in the restaurant "What a wonderful world"

=[ My first Love ]=

In memory of Lucie

(Lire la suite...)

coco and me

Good morning, my name is Coralie.I am 17 years young girl. I am blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and very funny. My hobbies are dance, tennis and fashion. I have got one brother and one sister.

Good morning, my name is julie. I am 16 years old. I am brown hair, brown eyes and less tall than coralie. My hobbies are drumb, horse riding, draw and sport. I have got one sister. I very scare spider !

BYE BYE !!!!!


Poland, France and friends

The Poland suffed all the summer are find destitute.

When the want will being came.

Nothing a short thickness of nature or of evergreen oak.

She to go to crying " peace and love" at neighbour's France.

Praying herself lent some compact disc.

Forsubsist till new season.

I will to play, to say to herself before the august.

Faith of dragon, interest and principal.

The France isn't Mc Donald.

It's not a defect.

What made you fine weather.

She say at this borrower.

I wanted you not offend, nights and days to the first comer.

You, wanted, at river-band Vistule.

And good, you cough now

My dream

I dreamed,

I dreamed of a not-polluted planet,

Where the humans and the animals lived together,

liked, respected themselves.

I went down to bicycle until Pommeuse,

Lengthened me at the edge of Morin close to a large oak.

The grass was fresh and green.

For my dog and me it was the Paradise .

That recalled me my young years,

Where I could still bathe me

In this so soft and so clean river.

Nature was respected.

When I went to the fast-food of the corner,

One could hear an air of Beattles, "Yesterday".

Then I danced has to wound the feet,

I could'nt stop me,

Or just for the good round cakes of my mother.


In the gleams of Paris

At the edge of the Seine

Shine in my heart

Like your eyes green like nature

Top of my oak I saw you

And the my life was to upset

I gets excited of a feeling which I do not have

Never yet known, while listening

"I need of love today" of Stevie Wonder

To equip with a levi' S and while eating

A hamburger in the shape of heart

I look at my medallion with

Photography of an old knowledge

Gleams come me to my brain

And I say myself I know it

Can that be true

Strange city

Fontenay-Trésigny is a small town of country

In shaped in guy

It's sure, the Seine don't flows through;

But, themselves spent very anything else.

There is the horses in the nature.

That to go in the forest of palm tree green

with them friends the donkey.

They them arrive to get dressed

with jeans levi's and baskets nike

After was dress,

they danse and sing on "no woman, no cry"

They don't to go to bed ever without them stuffed rabbit

Poussin Laurie and Garcia Karole

Dear Scotland,

I missed you,

you,my city,

you, Scotland of my birth

If beautiful, with your oaks,

Your lake, and Your so green grass,

This nature if fresh which is holds it,

But also your pub considered for their songs

Such as "Yesterday"

I miss you so much...

And the dogs were so happy

To be able to run in the square gardens

Which I like so much, my Scotland you...

I would never forget you...


As it was a beautiful day

The little Lizard was gay

Fond of the nature

He was pure

He had on oak like brother

And sometime called him Peter

Its favorites hobbies, sleeping on the rock

Or avoiding he nasty fox

He was a dreamer

And sometime a rioter

According to him, swimming in the colorado

It was like dancing a tengo

He looked for enother thing when he is

Watching near the rood a big advertising

Driking a coca and with its green bag

Going a travel in California

Guesdon julie and Chevrel Coralie

the aventure of a dog

It was pommeuse,

Along large Morin

Adog walked

And in nature

It saw a bird

In a large and beautiful oak

It leaf are green

Then it heard

"where ever you go whatever you do"

This song made it sad

Then it was hungry

It went to heat hambourger

Then buy groud it saw an object shinning

It was a beautiful silver ring

With a stone in the shape of heart

It decide to bring back it has his masters

Asmall village

as a small city, rozay en brie

he's running out there of the calm days

no problem, no violence,

everybody you'll we say

chesse burger doesn't exist

hamburger is our limit

but it doesn't graw on the green grass

on a song of idioteque

nature is living in rozay en brie

if you're trotting on the river banks

you may find cherry trees

with gigantics branches blank

we wanna say you how we see,

we wanna say you that we think,

as the river during the winter,

we're cool in rozay en brie.

G.soulet & D.merliot