1. What kind of disasters do you know?
2. What do you know about Tornadoes?
3. How Tornadoes are formed?
4. Is any Classification of Tornadoues?
5. What are the names of the bigest volcanoes?
6. What are the types of eruptions?
7. "Tsunami" what's that name mean?
8. What weather or situation create a Tsunami Wave?
9. What is the most common type of storm?
10. How we can protect our life from lighting?
11. What kind of Waves do we know??
12. When were the worst huricanes in United States?
13. What is the speed of huricane wind?
14. What kind of the most destructive element of huricanes do you know?
15. What we can do to save our lifes when huricane destroy our city or hous?