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dimanche 9 octobre 2005

Yeah thats Me.

Hi my name is Mark. I live in Poland, Jejkowice. My interests are: computers(programming) and pirotechniqes(fireworks mostly). I go to IV'th LO in Rybnik, on mat-inf-fiz profile. I have one brother, two parents, no pets(all died in pain), both hands(still). And thats about it I think.

samedi 8 octobre 2005


Once upon a time

In the Cracov upon Wisla

Lived a young, naught girl.

Herparents named her Cristal

She had a bicycle and a small, grey cat.

And also had a dog, which was very fat.

Cristal loved eating, especially pumplin pye,

So her belly was vounded lite a ball

It lays in her nature, walking in the fog

And bringing at home every founded frog

She also loved to sitting at the green oak trees

Singing her favourite Bee Gees's song "Run to me"

While she's going, she's made a lot of noise

Because she hasn't knew kow awful was her voice.

Everyone loved Cristal and claimed that she's fine

Because she was smilling all the time.

poem?? or maybe not

y0o now i will show you the best poem in the world:P:P but plz don't laugh :):)


When I see an oval oak
I look at the clock
I count time to break
When I eat cake
The squirrel runs on the tree
I turned green
From zeal to feel the nature
If I go to London
I will eat my hot dog
When all things are going wrong
I move to the ancient Rome
I dream up all old things
Even gate to the river Styx
When I play the Gothic game
I imagine that I am there
When I listen to ??It??s my life?
I feel freedom and full of life

                                   made by $kulio & David S.

heh well it isn't the best poem:) but we aren't so creative

vendredi 7 octobre 2005


Hello, my name is Laurie. I live in Marles en Brie and I have 17 years old. I have 1 brither of 14 years old. After, I would be look for children. I have got 1 dog. I like to go to the cinema with my friends. GOOD BYE!!!!!

jeudi 6 octobre 2005

hello :*


I live in Rybnik town.

My dog likes nature

and so do I.

I love him very much

and when we go for a wolk.

I know that we shouldn't talk.

There is Nacyna River in my town.

It's gren becouse of litters

but all the pines

we don't know why

are glitter for all the time.

When my family watch TV

we order pizza from TP.

And in the night

J dream about

round and square chair.


lundi 3 octobre 2005

coco and me

Good morning, my name is Coralie.I am 17 years young girl. I am blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and very funny. My hobbies are dance, tennis and fashion. I have got one brother and one sister.

Good morning, my name is julie. I am 16 years old. I am brown hair, brown eyes and less tall than coralie. My hobbies are drumb, horse riding, draw and sport. I have got one sister. I very scare spider !

BYE BYE !!!!!