1.What are 12 most dangerous natural disasters?

2.How many Americans dies each year in fire?

3.What is important to protect yourself before fire?

4.What is the seismic sea waves?

5.What is important after the tsunami?

6.How many peoples in USA each year are killed by lightning?

7.What you have to do when is a thunderstorm and you are on open wather?

8.What is a extreme heat?

9.What you hawe to wear when is a extreme cold?

10.What is a winter storm?

11.What you have to do after the debris flow or Landslide?

12.What is the plan to evacuate from hurricane?

13.What you should to do before a flood?

14.What evacuate tips you have to remember when you leave your home when is a flood?

15.What is a heat index?