1) What is a volcano? 2) Where from is the name Volcano taken? 3) What does the Volcano consist? 4) What is the shape on the vent of the cone? 5) Is the cone formed only by the molten matter? 6) What is the name of the study of volcanoes? 7)What is the example of a composite cone? 8)Where the solid materials fall in the eruptions? 9) What intereting is on the top of long dormant or extinct volcanoes? 10) Do you know any example of craterlike basins called calderas? 11) What is the most famous volcano on the earyh? 12) What is the biggest volcano on the earth? 13) What is the most dangerous volcano on the earth? 14) Which volcano killed the biggest number of people in the history? 15) When the volcune cone can callaps?


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