1.what's the global warming? 2. How average temperature inscrease on the world between 1990-2100? 3.What's causes glabal warming? 4.What are effects global warming? 5.How descreased Arctic Archipelag in eastern Canada between 1969 and 2004? 6.What's Green house effect? 7.How ehange climat due to global warm? 8.What observe scientist in 1950 and where of concern? 9.What expect scientists inspect on the up to 2100? 10.How modify in atmospheric Carbondioxide ond global temperature during last 6500000years.? 11.What harebeenpraposed to explain the obserwation in rease in global teperature and was including? 12.Where mode increase temperature on the world? 13.Where least increase temperature on the world? 14. How many temperatures grow between 1860-2000 year? 15.What is relationship to ozone depletion?


Marcin& Sebastian