__1.What name's the national park? 2.How much acres this national park? 3.How much there mammal species in the park ? 4.What is the phone number? 5."The great mountain rose above me desolate ,magnificient,overpowering......I felt ,as never before ,completely alone in the presence of this mighty mountain; no words can describe my feelings" - Who is the autors ? 6.What name is the tremendous height? 7.Where situated is the Denali national park? 8.How much species of birds ? 9.Does in the park life the dall sheep? 10.What is the Muldrow Glacier ? 11.How much flowering plants grow this park? 12.When the park road is open? 13.What is left of successful gold mine? 14.What is the name Penisula crosses the park ? 15.Does occur the tundra in this park ? http/